Big Girls and Boys Bollywood Workout 

BollyX is a high intensity Bollywood cardio workout that's coming near you. Move to the heart pumping beats of Bollywood, get ready to feel that muscle burn and unleash your inner swagger.

Dance back to back on Bollywood super-hit songs, relieve the stress and burn calories by becoming one with the music.. BollyX allows you to kill two birds with one stone, that is get a great workout and still feel the ecstasy from a great dance routine.

This Fitness curriculum has been created by Certified fitness Professionals to tone your body, built stamina and keep you sweaty and motivated through out the dance session.

Type of Fitness Program: Cardio LIT (low impact training)/Dance

Length of Class: 45-50 minutes

Calorie Burn: 500-800 calories per session

Packages available:

4 sessions $54

Walk ins $15/session

Last session May 21st

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