Dance lessons for kids 

ArcEos Events is introducing BOLLYNEXT in town..




BOLLYNEXT is choreography based dance lessons focusing mainly on bhangra, Hip-hop and folk dance moves for kids of a specific age. BOLLYNEXT is beyond just learning the steps and memorizing them. Students will learn the dance moves and steps on Bollywood themed songs, and prepare themselves for the performances for your private event, and the events organized by ArcEos Events and its partners in near future. 

The Principle of BOLLYNEXT

We believe every kid is different and unique, and kids should not be pushed into the same system to learn things the same way. We evaluate students through dance screening test where their natural dance moves will be recognized and used to teach effortless dancing. At BOLLYNEXT their dancing skills will be polished with a professional sophistication so that they get more confidence in performing their natural dancing moves.

If you think your kids would enjoy dancing, then its time for you to provide them with helpful tools and required training to boost their confidence to perform.

BOLLYNEXT  Instructor

Anu Godara

Direct: (225) 278-8673

We are performing this May

BOLLYNEXT Participants will receive:

Original downloaded version of choreographed dance

songs or the song mixes

to perform in any events in future. 

A chance to be professionally recorded and appeared

on our You-tube channel.

A chance to perform on stage in events.

Group lessons: $80 per 3.5-4 minute song choreography.

Private lessons: $100 per choreography

(Prices shown per participant)

(One complete choreography may take up-to 4-5 classes) 

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